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    Free Lossless Audio Codec: a popular free codec
    This format stands for an audio file that does not lose sound quality when compressed. The Free Lossless Audio Codec is popular among music lovers who use high-end equipment to listen to music. The advantage of this format is that it does not delete any data from the audio stream. FLAC is supported by most audio players, audio applications, and audio systems. It is a free open-source format. When converting an audio file to the FLAC format, you can save a significant amount of storage space without losing the sound quality.
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    1 FLAC To AAC
    2 FLAC To AC3
    3 FLAC To AIFF
    4 FLAC To AMR
    5 FLAC To AU
    6 FLAC To CAF
    7 FLAC To CDDA
    8 FLAC To DSS
    9 FLAC To DTS
    10 FLAC To GSM
    11 FLAC To M4A
    12 FLAC To M4R
    13 FLAC To MP2
    14 FLAC To MP3
    15 FLAC To MP4
    16 FLAC To OGA
    17 FLAC To OGG
    18 FLAC To OPUS
    19 FLAC To SPX
    20 FLAC To SLN
    21 FLAC To TTA
    22 FLAC To VOC
    23 FLAC To W64
    24 FLAC To WAV
    25 FLAC To WMA
    26 FLAC To WV
    27 FLAC To AVI
    28 FLAC To MPEG
    29 FLAC To MOV
    30 FLAC To FLV
    Convert to FLAC
    1 AAC To FLAC
    2 AC3 To FLAC
    3 AIFF To FLAC
    4 AMR To FLAC
    5 AU To FLAC
    6 CAF To FLAC
    7 CDDA To FLAC
    8 DSS To FLAC
    9 DTS To FLAC
    10 GSM To FLAC
    11 M4A To FLAC
    12 M4R To FLAC
    13 MP2 To FLAC
    14 MP3 To FLAC
    15 MP4 To FLAC
    16 OGA To FLAC
    17 OGG To FLAC
    18 OPUS To FLAC
    19 SPX To FLAC
    20 SLN To FLAC
    21 TTA To FLAC
    22 VOC To FLAC
    23 W64 To FLAC
    24 WAV To FLAC
    25 WMA To FLAC
    26 WV To FLAC
    27 AVI To FLAC
    28 MPEG To FLAC
    29 MOV To FLAC
    30 FLV To FLAC
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